Paradise, Suits and Ladyboys

We were up early again in Samui and boarded a bus to the main ferry terminal at 07:30, as we joined a boat tour to Ang Thong National Park, an area of over 40 islands. Our first place in the scooter capital of the world – everyone seems to have them.

The boat journey took just over an hour to the park, crossing the blue waters in the scorching early morning sun. We took this time to relax, with Beth and I creating cheesy seated dance moves to songs on my iPod.

At first the block of islands looked just green and rather boring but we floated into tranquility as the boat navigated its way through. We were welcomed by long white beaches, palm trees and beach huts.

We spent the morning burning ourselves to crisps. Paddling, sunbathing, writing in the sand and playing with a volley ball, of which some of the lads created their own game in the sand with different point zones.


We headed back to the boat for lunch, a buffet style with rice, various chicken options and this amazing chilli sauce (olive oil infused by small chopped chilli’s). Later we headed to our second stop Mae Koh.

We had a number of options on this island, there was a steep walk up to a lagoon, which I opted for as Beth snorkelled. The climb to the lagoon in the heat was tough, but the view was rewarding – often the steps were not far of being like ladder steps.

    I could not find Beth on returning to the beach and after searching around for her somebody informed me that she had been stung by a sea urchin. The conditions were not great for snorkelling as lots of people had been doing it at the same time, kicking the sand up and she had not seen it due to the visability.

After arriving back in Chaweng where we are stopping we headed to Ark Bar which is one of the most well known bar/resort on the island. We took dinner at the hotel and I stepped away from traditional Thai opting for a blue cheeseburger! The after dinner entertainment was great as fire dancers took to the beach!

    I then headed to the tailor to be measured for a three piece suit, picking a blue cashmere material with silk lining. I returned an hour and a half later for my jacket fitting, where I tried on the jacket without the arms.

The group was then enticed into a ‘free’ ladyboy show – you had to buy a drink with drinks starting at 400 baht, even for a can of Coke. Cher open the show with wig wearing lady boy mimed to ‘Life After Love’. The terrible miming was made up for by the extravagant outfits and the fact that they pulled a number of the lads from our group on stage too! A few of the boys got more than they bargained for as the ladyboys went for a cheeky grab of their manhood!


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